Consolidated management reporting

An intuitive, reliable, and fast management reporting platform. Make the right decisions with up-to-date financial and operational data.

Three reporting modules

Financiële rapportering PL dashboard BrightAnalytics

Financial reporting

Centralize all accounting systems on one powerful reporting tool, and optimize the most difficult financial processes like consolidation.

Thanks to the extensive automation, the finance team always has all the figures to hand.

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Cash reporting - cash forecast

Cash reporting

Gain insight into all cash movements. Approach the short-term cash position and spot long-term trends that may be of great strategic importance.

A daily refresh of your cash position and maturity balances will give you a quick-win every day.

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Operational reporting

Centralize all operational and financial data in one common reporting tool.

Combine these numbers endlessly to arrive at the most inclusive insights. From sales and margin reporting to HR and billability reporting.

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“BrightAnalytics is a stable, high-quality system that provides us with correct, up-to-date figures, live. It makes all the difference in the world.”
– Tom Ceusters, Manager Office & Administration
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2. Customize

The standard templates are ready for use, but you can modify them to suit your needs: fully tailored to your organisation. Generate even more quick wins.

3. Analyzing

Decisions have never been made this quickly. The most transparent management reports and user-friendly dashboards provide a wealth of information. You immediately have a clear insight into the financial and operational figures of the entire organisation.

4. Engaging

Clear reports help you to better streamline business strategy and execution, and ensure that management, stakeholders, and even the entire organization have a clear insight into performance.

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  • What is management reporting?

    Management reporting consists of collecting data, and visualizing it in a simple way.

  • What is financial reporting?

    Financial reports provide insight into the state of the company, in this case, more specifically, the financial status.

  • What is operational reporting?

    Operational reports provide insight into your company’s operational KPIs, such as consultant profitability, time performance, sales, product lifecycle…

  • Who is BrightAnalytics?

    BrightAnalytics is a dynamic, forward looking scale-up. It is our goal to help as many companies as possible to accelerate their growth by providing transparent insights into their company’s corporate performance. To this end, we automate the complex reporting processes of your financial, operational, and cash figures. So that you can keep track of the latest changes, and grow in a faster, but controlled, way.