Find out how Lucas ended up in Sweden and what a day at our Nordics Office looks like!

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Get to know Lucas! Lucas Carette is our ‘Country Launcher Sweden’ and has been part of the Bright Team since 2020! Interested in his story? Keep on reading to find out how Lucas ended up in Sweden and what a day at our Nordics Office looks like.

What is your background?

I worked as a consultant and finance controller for 8 years before I joined the Bright Team. It might not seem very logical to switch to a Sales position when you have a Finance background, but it actually has a lot of advantages! For example, I have daily calls and meetings with CFO’s and Financial Controllers, who also have a finance background. This makes it easier for me to completely understand their needs and feelings.

What appealed to you in this company?

Because of my Finance background, I recognised the problems that CFO’s and Financial Controllers deal with in terms of reporting, consolidation, budgeting etc. I understood the necessity of automating management reporting and I immediately saw that this platform had a lot of potential. Furthermore, the story of starting from scratch and opening an office in the Nordics was a challenge that I was completely up for. I already lived in Stockholm, so everything fell into place. I signed the contract and we went on the lookout for a Bright Nordics Office!

What does a day at the Bright Office look like for you? 

No two days at the Bright Office are ever the same, but my first task every morning is to discuss the focus and goals of the day with the entire Nordics team. That way, everyone knows exactly what their goals are for that day. 

After that, I map my internal and external focus. My external focus consists of staying in contact with our clients, closing deals, planning and giving product and follow up meetings etc. My internal focus is more on coaching our Nordics Team and helping them as much as possible by sharing useful tips and tricks.

What skills or qualities are important for this job? 

For me, it is important that someone has that fighting spirit: the will to start from scratch and to build up something incredible in a relatively short period of time, the power to keep pushing and to help the company grow and gain a position in a new market. As cliché as it may sound, never giving up really is key here. Furthermore, being eager to learn and wanting to be part of a growth story are important factors as well. If you have that drive and if this sounds like music to your ears, then this career path might be something for you!

Does the future look Bright?

Definitely! Our main goal right now is to keep scaling. We have our structure from Belgium, which we can copy and adjust to keep scaling in a predictable way in different countries. We already know that there is a demand for automated management reporting in Sweden, but our ambitions don’t stop there! We also have other Nordics markets in sight, such as Norway, Finland and Denmark. We’re ready to write more chapters of the Bright Story, so I’m really excited to see what the future holds for us!

Why is BrightAnalytics different from other companies?

BrightAnalytics is a company that focuses on growth and improvement: we raise the bar and want to achieve more every day. Furthermore, everyone tries to help each other as much as possible by sharing tips, tricks and best practices and this gives every Bright Colleague the opportunity to write their own personal growth story. The company pushes people to be the best version of themselves, to set goals and to achieve them and most of all, to work together as one team every single day to deliver a product that we are proud of.