As CFO, I experience BrightAnalytics as one big playground.

-Niels Zutterman, CFO
"I am convinced that this platform has an added value in every sector."
- Niels Zutterman, CFO

Modules in use

Conclusions in a few clicks

Staffing agency Absolute Jobs manages real-time financial and operational KPIs and results in BrightAnalytics, and provides customized access rights for each employee or shareholder. CFO Niels Zutterman: “Thanks to the direct insight, we can make adjustments more quickly and we can grow in a much better controlled way. The results are tangible at any time, both at an overarching and detailed level.”

The challenge

We go the extra mile. With this slogan, temporary employment agency Absolute Jobs looks for the right profiles for companies in various sectors, even across the border. About half of the vacancies are filled by foreign workers.

“Today, Absolute Jobs has 10 offices in Flanders and additional departments in Portugal, Romania and Poland. We are growing 30 to 40 percent annually”, says CFO Niels Zutterman. The growth, the different offices, the many nationalities and broad customer portfolio provide many challenges for the operations. “We had been looking for a strong management reporting platform for some time.”

The approach

Absolute Jobs was already familiar with the team and a sister product of BrightAnalytics: the ERP package BrightStaffing. “Lode and Olivier from BrightAnalytics had a very good sense of what kind of management platform we needed as a temporary employment agency. That creates trust,” recalls CFO Niels Zutterman.

The consequence? The BrightAnalytics platform was implemented within a month and dashboards were adapted to the specific requirements. “The guys at BrightAnalytics clearly know what they’re doing, we know what we want. That makes a difference, because we easily got on the same wavelength.”

The results

Since 2016, Absolute Jobs has been closely monitoring its financial and operational figures with BrightAnalytics “The operational dashboard in particular is very valuable to us. We make the link to HR, the financial section, etc. Everyone always has the right information to assess situations and make well-founded decisions – at every level. And, as CFO, of course it is a big playground for me in which I can let my hair down,” smiles Zutterman.

The shareholders have access to the reporting as well. “During shareholder meetings we mainly show financial reports and regularly switch to operational figures. That way, we make the results more tangible and create more of a feeling with the day-to-day operations of our company.” Moreover, results cannot be (accidentally) changed or deleted.

That the platform made an impression during the shareholders’ meeting is evident from the interest. At the request of some shareholders with a background in the construction sector, the CFO himself organised a presentation. “To show how we work with BrightAnalytics. I am convinced that this platform has an added value in every sector.”

The findings

The number of productive hours, registrations, job interviews or recruitments: since the implementation of BrightAnalytics, Absolute Jobs easily links its operational figures to the financial results. “It is the best way to make quick and targeted adjustments. If there is a noticeable dip in the results, for example, we can provide modified training for an employee. Thanks to the clear reporting, we are always on the ball.”

Moreover, the platform is not a delineated story. Absolute Jobs is currently sitting down with BrightAnalytics to further fine-tune the system. One of the additional adjustments is a link to the wage costs from the social bureau. “It would allow us to already calculate our gross margins at the level of the temporary worker”, explains Niels Zutterman. “We know it’s not that easy, but BrightAnalytics is fully committed to making it happen. We really appreciate that.”

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The benefits of BrightAnalytics according to Absolute Jobs:

  • Automatic synchronization of data
  • More overview for controlled growth
  • Direct insight for informed decisions
  • All financial and operational data in real time
  • Access rights tailored to employees

Wondering what BrightAnalytics can mean for you?