Access the numbers when you want, without having to bother the CFO

-Mario Van Gasse, Partner Forsite
"BrightAnalytics forms an extra layer on top of the existing software packages."
- Mario Van Gasse, Partner Forsite

Modules in use

How numbers make for a stronger strategy

As a financial-strategic advisor, Forsite assists companies, among others, with M&A and financing activities. A handy tool for monitoring and analysing the figures is BrightAnalytics. It is a platform that can be quickly set up for customers to easily create insight into financial and operational data.

Forsite advises and assists SMEs and multinationals in strategic financial matters and specializes in M&A (mergers and acquisitions). Clients often have strong growth ambitions in which acquisitions play an important role.

“To ensure that this growth runs smoothly and in a controlled manner, we recommend BrightAnalytics. The reason is simple: as an umbrella reporting platform, it picks up and processes data from the various existing systems. You don’t have to wait until a particular ERP or accounting software has been implemented. You can easily collect and interpret up-to-date figures from various sources, across the holdings of a group.”

Practical insights

Wim Folens of Forsite has known BrightAnalytics since the start. He was a pilot user of the beta version. As CFO at Accent, he was looking for a more efficient alternative to Excel to make figures transparent and to draw reports. “The initial roots for BrightAnalytics really grew out of practice. You can still see that: the platform responds to the needs of management, regardless of the size or the sector in which the company operates.”

Less time pressure

For Forsite, BrightAnalytics is not only a reporting but also a controlling tool. Just after the takeover, it is an ideal handhold for management. “Managers get a tool through which they can dig into the numbers themselves with one click, as well as take timely action if necessary. They have access to all data, independent of others. That provides a good overview and invisible control. Moreover, there is immediately less stress for the employees of the finance department: the time pressure to switch accounting packages or ERP systems is eliminated.”

Simplicity for startups and multinationals

Wim created Forsite together with Mario Van Gasse and Dries Bossuyt. Their customers are medium-sized and large companies, but also startups that are still fine-tuning their organization. Mario Van Gasse: “The higher the number of different companies, business units, closing dates and accounting systems, the greater the added value of BrightAnalytics. It brings large and small systems together for unambiguous and simple reporting.”

Compatible with all software

The cases where Forsite presents BrightAnalytics are diverse. They do have one thing in common: implementation is always quick. Wim Folens: “It is precisely because different accounting systems do not have to be migrated first. BrightAnalytics forms an extra layer on top of the existing software packages. It retrieves the correct, up-to-date data from various locations and compiles them into clear reports.”

Limitless possibilities

Mario Van Gasse: “The biggest compliment to BrightAnalytics is that our customers continue to use the platform.” Whether the companies get the most out of it depends largely on the input. “If a company keeps track of everything by site or location and at a detailed level, the reporting and comparison possibilities are limitless.”

Focus on M&A

With a focus on M&A, Forsite wants to profile itself even more strongly in the coming years. “BrightAnalytics can also be of great value to our ambitious customers. The platform is a strong foundation for them to build on, especially for companies in full expansion. We believe in the system 100 percent and see the benefits every day,” conclude Wim and Mario.

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The benefits of BrightAnalytics according to Forsite:

  • Faster response in case of M&A or private investments
  • Easy to use and interpret
  • Less pressure on employees in a buy & build process
  • Automatic overview of data from different systems

Wondering what BrightAnalytics can mean for you?