The profit is enormous: not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of time investment.

-Jan De Block, Finance & Process Director
"It is a fully transparent system, and that strengthens the trust between the mother ship and the offices."
- Jan De Block, Finance & Process Director

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20 offices, one flag, one tool

Go4Jobs is an interim and selection agency that is organised slightly differently than its peers. The company’s 20 local offices are run by independent temporary employment agencies. To a certain extent, they determine their own course, but in the name of the holding company to which they belong. And of course this requires a good monitoring and reporting tool.

“Sometimes, I call our umbrella holding the mother ship, and our temporary employment agencies the speedboats around that mother ship,” begins Jan De Block, Finance & Process Director. “They sail with the mother ship, but to a certain extent, can determine their own course. In other words: they each exploit a part of Flanders and can organize their commercial policy locally.” This has not only proven to be more financially interesting for the temporary employment agencies, but also ensures that they are more involved with Go4Jobs and commit to the company for longer.” In turn, that translates into stability towards our customers, which is a great added value in our sector,” says Jan.

Enormous time savings

However, if all vessels of Go4Jobs sail under the same flag, there must of course be cohesion. How do they do that? “At our service center we coordinate everything that has to do with IT, legislation, accounting, marketing, HR and finance. This involves a lot of monitoring and reporting. We used to do this with Excel, but if there was a mistake in one cell, the whole sheet was wrong, with all its consequences. That is why we opted for the automated BrightAnalytics system one and a half years ago. If you adjust one parameter, then the entire system adjusts itself. The benefit is enormous: not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of time investment.”

More confidence

Today, the holding company and the temporary employment agencies follow not only the financial figures in BrightAnalytics, but also a number of relevant operational parameters that the tool extracts from the ERP system. “Think, for example, of the turnover per customer, the number of new registrations or contracts, … Whatever we want to see, there is always a way to get it on the screen. The data is available to everyone, but we each decide for ourselves what we do with it.”

And this asset is clearly used by the temporary employment agencies, where the tool has become fully established, according to Jan. “I’ve noticed this in the number of questions I get after the month’s figures are sent through. What’s more, I can see that they start looking in depth. If a temporary employment agency wants to know, for example, who the five most important temporary employees of a client are, or how many candidates there are for a vacancy, then that is perfectly possible. It is a completely transparent system: they can see everything about their company. That, in turn, strengthens the trust between the mother ship and the local offices.”

Insight for shareholders

In addition to the fact that the tool is also used to monitor all outstanding and expired invoices and to discuss these between the service center and the temporary employment agencies, Go4Jobs has created an umbrella sheet in BrightAnalytics that maps out the performance of the whole.

“This concerns an overview for the temporary workers, where they can see where we stand as a company. How many temporary agency workers in total are working for us? How many vacancies and clients are there? And what is the budget for the offices? In this way, the temporary employment agencies can see where they are in this armada of speedboats, and they can assess whether they are doing well. However, it’s also handy to make an overview for our shareholders – who feel very involved with Go4Jobs – that bundles the relevant figures at a glance.”

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The advantages of BrightAnalytics according to Go4Jobs :

  • User-friendly system
  • Creates enormous time savings
  • Transparent for the entire organisation
  • Provides quick insight to shareholders

Wondering what BrightAnalytics can mean for you?