Unpleasant surprises? They don't get a chance! We always look ahead on the basis of current figures.

-Niels Zutterman, CFO
"We know where we stand every month and we can respond quickly."
- Niels Zutterman, CFO

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Controlled growth, without surprises

The outsourcing of technical staff is booming business. Maxicon grew fast, very fast. That made tracking the numbers pretty complex. As such, management was looking for a way to grow in a more controlled way, with up-to-date figures and clear analyses. Through the integration of BrightAnalytics, they have access to the correct data at all times in order to adjust their operational management where necessary.

The challenge

Maxicon has been providing technical profiles for outsourcing since 2015. In addition to technical staff, they also have specialists in ICT, retail, engineering, and drone technology available. Maxicon succeeds in finding profiles which are scarce on the labor market, to the great satisfaction of its customers, as evidenced by its strong growth.

With over 150 employees and a large group of subcontractors, the organisation at Maxicon is a hustle. Due to the success of its outsourcing activities, the monitoring and analysis of the business data became complex.

Where a small company can keep an eye on the figures with an external accountant, and a large company has a complete internal service, Maxicon found itself somewhere in between those two extremes. They found a solution in BrightAnalytics, both for financial reporting and operational optimization.

The approach

A new member of the B-Bright family arrived at Maxicon as the oursourcing specialist was already working with BrightStaffing, with success. “So we knew BrightAnalytics would also do what it promises, in an accessible way,” says CEO Emmanuel Bekaert. “As a business owner with no financial knowledge, I use the dashboard intuitively.”

The start-up went smoothly: Maxicon had the system adjusted to their preferences, with visuals of their choice and specific wishes for data processing. “Support is rarely needed. BrightAnalytics works smoothly.”

The results

Thanks to BrightAnalytics, Maxicon keeps its finger on the pulse at all times. The financial reports are always up-to-date. Moreover, they can easily compare detailed figures, such as the proportion of subcontractors and own staff or the differences between business units.

Emmanuel Bekaert, CEO of Maxicon explains: “In our sector, finding good employees is a major challenge. Recruiting customers and vacancies is almost automatic, the inflow is more difficult. By automating our reporting, we have more time and energy to focus on that, without surprises afterwards.”

The findings

BrightAnalytics has supported the growth trajectory of Maxicon. “As a start-up company, you soon find yourself behind the times with annual results via an external bookkeeper,” says Niels Zutterman, finance director. “Now we know where we stand every month and can move faster. I recommend that for every company.”

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The benefits of BrightAnalytics according to Maxicon:

  • Adjust targets based on forecasts
  • Limit risks with up-to-date data
  • Dashboard tailored to company and users

Wondering what BrightAnalytics can mean for you?