There is a lot of room to customize things. To me, that is the strength of BrightAnalytics.

-Tom Lokermans, CFO
"The basic financial reporting package is extremely comprehensive. We hardly had to adjust or add anything."
- Tom Lokermans, CFO

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KPIs and financial performance transparent with one platform

Knowledge company Quality by Design (QBD) has been using various tools to monitor the operation of its support services for some time now. Fortunately, they can rely on BrightAnalytics to link all the information from these different systems into a single platform. With just a few clicks, they can map out not only the financial situation, but also the proposed KPIs.

“If one of our customers has an idea for a new product, we guide them towards its effective production,” Tom Lokermans, CFO, begins to explain. “We integrate quality thinking from the very start of the production process. We also validate tools and support customers in ISO projects. We have around 200 employees for this purpose, 125 of them in Belgium.”

Multiple tools, one platform

Quality by Design already invested in tools to objectify and monitor the operation of various departments a while back. “We have a tool for HR that provides insight into our recruitment process, for example. But there is also a system for the sales department, and of course there is also the financial reporting. It seemed efficient to us to combine all that on one platform, and to thus simplify the reporting and make it more transparent.”

The company went in search of a good reporting tool. “However, it couldn’t cost us a fortune, nor did we want constant further development costs. We experimented with a number of packages, but without great success,” Tom continues.

On the recommendation of their tax experts, QBD then turned to BrightAnalytics. “And there we did find what we were looking for. We can now carry out all our reporting using one and the same platform. We have a quick and accurate overview of our financial situation and of a number of KPIs within various departments. BrightAnalytics links the various tools with each other. The time of pulling many different reports is over.”

Customization made easy

For financial reporting, QBD uses the basic BrightAnalytics package, which Tom says is already very comprehensive. “You can do an awful lot with it. After updating the figures at night, the system gives us an overview of the financial performance of our subsidiaries the following morning. We can consolidate them or view them separately, set periods and so on, and all that in a simple way. We hardly added or changed anything for this section.”

Reporting on the KPIs of different departments involved more customization. “Fortunately, it was very easy. It’s a user-friendly system, and there’s a lot of room to customize things. For me, that is the strength of BrightAnalytics. I think an additional advantage is that not only we, but the departments themselves as well, can access the system. We can easily create roles and determine who has access to what. Very convenient!”

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The benefits of BrightAnalytics according to Quality by Design:

  • Comprehensive and strong basic financial reporting package
  • User-friendly platform
  • Lots of room for customisation
  • Possibility to decide who gets access to what

Wondering what BrightAnalytics can mean for you?