Our employees see the impact of decisions. This makes them more involved.

-Vanessa Wouters, Finance Manager
"BrightAnalytics gives us insight into our returns and cost control at any time."
- Vanessa Wouters, Finance Manager

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More involvement through accessible reporting

From SME to major player: HR service provider Synergie is fully in the flow. To keep growth manageable, the need for simpler and more efficient business processes arises. Until a few years ago, all financial figures and reports were processed manually. The introduction of BrightAnalytics means that, in addition to management, all employees now have insight into the results at any time. In this way, they can immediately see the impact of a decision, which greatly increases their involvement.

In roughly 10 years’ time, Synergie Belgium’s turnover rose from 86 to 277 million euro, with some 400 permanent employees spread out over 85 offices in Belgium. “In recent years we have changed from an SME into a major player. Simple processes and fast reporting are more essential than ever”, says Project Manager IT Filip Steyaert.

Goodbye manual labour

Synergie’s management team chose BrightAnalytics as its financial tool a number of years ago. “Quarterly figures, forecasts, budgets: everything is in there. We have insight into our returns and cost control at any time, including in comparison with previous years or quarters. Whether it’s at a high level or in detail, we can zoom in on specific items with a single click”, it sounds like.

That was different once. Finance Manager Vanessa Wouters knows what she is talking about: “Of course, we also had those figures in the old system, but then I had to prepare and export everything manually. Now the managers themselves have access to all reports at any time. And they can do so both at national level and per region, office or for one specific customer. It saves a lot of questions, mails and time.

See the impact immediately

BrightAnalytics does much more than just provide management with insightful figures. Since last year, the district managers, office managers and all consultants in the offices also have access to the operational reporting. Daily activities are compared with targets and budgets. And you can choose to do this per year, per quarter or per month.

“This allows the office manager to work with the team, and the regional manager in turn with the office managers,” says Filip. “Our employees now see the impact of decisions. This makes them more involved, cost-conscious and responsible. They can focus better and work in a more result-oriented way. BrightAnalytics provides that added value.”

Rapid response to change

If something in the reporting turns out to be less workable for one department or the other, BrightAnalytics will quickly come up with a solution, according to Filip. “We work well together. The specialists at BrightAnalytics come from the business, you can feel that. What’s more, they know their tool very well. Adjustments are made in no time at all. There’s no need to wait weeks. Together with BrightAnalytics, we can therefore respond very quickly to changes in our sector”, concludes Filip.

Curious about what BrightAnalytics can do for you?

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The benefits of BrightAnalytics according to Synergie:

  • Everyone has insight into the results at any time
  • Simple and fast reporting
  • With one click you can zoom in on specific posts
  • Apply filters easily and efficiently
  • Everyone immediately sees the impact of decisions