Thanks to BrightAnalytics, we have a helicopter view of the entire company.

-Davy Derammelaere, Co-founder
"Even though we are still in a discovery phase, we already know that it was more than worth the investment."
- Davy Derammelaere, Co-founder

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Helicopter view on operational functioning

Monitoring the performance of your own employees, in order to make adjustments where necessary: that is essential for Tecjobz HR Group. Especially now that the West Flemish recruitment specialist is dreaming of ambitious growth. In order to maintain an overview, business managers Liselotte Degezelle and Davy Derammelaere opted for BrightAnalytics. In addition to operational reporting, today they are also taking their first steps towards using the tool for financial reporting.

“At present, there are 12 of us, soon there will be 14, and we want to grow even more”, manager Davy starts enthusiastically. Together with his life partner Liselotte, he founded Tecjobz HR Group in 2018, which specializes in the recruitment of technical and logistics profiles. Under the name Lagom Engineering they also recruit candidates for engineering and management positions. “We distinguish ourselves from other recruitment firms by our specialization, but also by our choice of one central location from which we serve our clients. Starting here, we have big plans to grow further.”

User-friendly and visually strong

Along with the ambition for growth and the expanding organization, came the need for a tool to monitor all business processes, and maintain control over the whole. “We want to keep a helicopter view of the operation of our entire company. We can’t do that without a professional tool,” says Davy. It is more important than ever to be able to react quickly as an entrepreneur. The basis for decisions is formed by figures and a correct analysis. To measure is to know. So, the step to BrightAnalytics was quickly made.

Shortly after the implementation of BrightAnalytics, Tecjobz HR Group has already fully implemented the operational reporting. “Thanks to the link with their ERP package, the tool gives us the opportunity to monitor the performance of our internal employees in a very pleasant, user-friendly, and visually strong way, so that we can adjust as necessary. Together with our employees, we enter into a very open dialogue about reporting,” explains Liselotte. “Additionally, the operational reporting gives us a picture of which customers are growing, which are slowing down, … and we can thus monitor our commercial evolution.”

Easily set up financial analyses yourself

Tecjobz HR Group has recently started using BrightAnalytics for its financial reporting as well, but the company is still in a transitional phase as far as that is concerned, according to the managers. “We used to work with a different tool,” says Davy. “The only thing we could see in that was the numbers. Furthermore, the system was very cumbersome. That is why we also switched to BrightAnalytics for the financial reporting. And, again, because of the strengths of this tool: its visual power, the fact that we can find things quickly, can set up our own analyses, can set up parameters ourselves, etc. All of this in a very simple way.” Liselotte joins him: “Moreover, we do not depend on an accountant to know where we stand. Even though we are still in a discovery phase, we already know that the package was well worth the investment. This tool is so much more dynamic than our previous solution and can do so much more.”

Finally, Davy and Liselotte also mention the service of BrightAnalytics. “Because we are very committed to service towards our clients and candidates, we are very sensitive to this. Of course, every IT system can have a technical issue from time to time. This rarely happens at BrightAnalytics, but when it does, they communicate very quickly, so that we know they are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. Barely half an hour later, we’ll receive another message that the issue has been resolved. We don’t have to go after it ourselves”, adds Liselotte.

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The benefits of BrightAnalytics according to Tecjobz HR Group:

  • Dynamic, user-friendly solution
  • Visually strong
  • Fast communication, great service
  • Easy to set up

Wondering what BrightAnalytics can mean for you?