Always have all the figures at hand, in an orderly fashion.

- Philippe Van den Bossche, Director CFO-services
"We're business partners. With BrightAnalytics, we help our clients do better."
- Philippe Van den Bossche, Director CFO-services

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Accountant of the future

What is good, will be followed. Audit and accountancy firm VGD first came across BrightAnalytics when it was looking for a solution to make management reporting easier and more accessible. After just the first few months, the added value of BrightAnalytics was so significant that VGD has decided to introduce the package to its clients.

In the not so distant past, VGD combined Excel sheets and components from the accounting package to inform its own management about the company’s results. “But the manual work is a huge waste of time and increases the risk of errors. With BrightAnalytics, we have all the figures at hand, in an orderly fashion. The management reports are a single page. And if we have questions, we can easily zoom in on the underlying figures, down to the smallest detail,” says VGD CFO Marc Christiaens. At the same time, the BrightAnalytics platform ensures easy credit management and efficient internal communication.

Business partners

Moreover, VGD is more than a user of BrightAnalytics. It’s a partner. The company also offers the system to its customers, and that’s no coincidence. “We aim to be the accountant of the future. Intelligent technology such as BrightAnalytics plays an essential role in this. Digitizing and automating accounting processes creates more time for analysis. In its turn, that results in better insight into business policy and better decisions, for our clients as well,” says Philippe Van den Bossche, director of the new CFO Services department. “We are more than accountants who process numbers. We are business partners: we guide our clients to do better.”

Leader in technology

As an accountancy and audit firm focused on family businesses, VGD profiles itself as a forerunner in financial services linked to IT possibilities. Together with ToCo, they have already launched an online customer portal. The speed, reliability and ease of use of BrightAnalytics are a perfect match. “The added value that BrightAnalytics provides for us can also generate huge benefits for our customers.”

“With the tool, you don’t need a financial education to understand numbers. The analysis is done automatically. As specialists, it allows us to follow up and actively advise our clients even more and better. That is how we give business leaders a better understanding of their business. Including those who today rely on their gut feeling,” said Marc Christiaens.

The advantages of BrightAnalytics according to VGD:

  • Speed, reliability and ease of use
  • Time-saving
  • Zoom in up to the smallest detail
  • More time for analysis

Wondering what BrightAnalytics can mean for you?