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The enormous flexibility to quickly upload data from different ERP packages and the ease of converting it into the management structure that we can build ourselves are significant advantages.
– Tim de Reyck, CFO
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“I wanted speed, scalability, and the manual work had to go out.”
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“When we were still all having lunch together in one place, everyone always knew what was going on in various areas of our business,” Managing Director Ruth Bossuyt enthuses. “That is different today. Due to our strong growth in recent years… ”
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Synergie Belgium

Interim Office Synergy is in full flow. But to keep growth manageable, business processes need to be simpler and more efficient.
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For Ghent-based Bavet, the sky is the limit when it comes to growth. But in a controlled way, please.
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“Once your accounting is done daily in a professional, effective, consistent and appropriate manner, it becomes very opportune to closely monitor evolutions.”
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Since Sportoase has been using BrightAnalytics for their financial reporting, they have only gained in time and efficiency. Today, the board and operational management have a grip on the figures.
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BM Engineering

You feel that this company puts an emphasis on customer satisfaction. From the demo on the contract and the import of the data to the completion of our questions.” tells Jan Leye, CEO and Founding Partner of BM Engineering.
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Isocab Construct

“We don’t waste time collecting numbers, but can get started right away. That’s ultimately what shareholders are interested in.”
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Linum Group

Easily trace and consolidate intercompany transactions: this is a must for the Linum Group, which is why they chose BrightAnalytics.
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Verhelst Group

Companies in the construction industry often need project reporting in addition to financial reporting in order to be able to closely monitor construction sites. So is leading total partner for construction projects Verhelst Group. They opted for BrightAnalytics.
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Vivaldis Interim

With BrightAnalytics, we base every decision on a complete overview. Both for the management and the various offices.
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Huyzentruyt Group

“We started looking for a good reporting tool. It had to be intuitive and user-friendly.”
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Buysse & Partners

With the help of BrightAnalytics, Buysse & Partners keeps its investors informed of the day-to-day business, including quarterly figures.
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Every day, Chalo offers each company an interim status of all the data that is important to them.
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Absolute Jobs

Temporary employment agency Absolute Jobs manages real-time financial and operational KPIs in BrightAnalytics. The result is rapid and controlled growth.
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