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What immediately stood out about BrightAnalytics was that it was a very visual and graphically strong solution.
– Caroline Vergotte, CFO
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J. Cortés

Thanks to BrightAnalytics, all figures are centralised and reported in one place. Analysing is easy, comparing is simple.
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Recently, BrightAnalytics became one of the partners for clients who are looking for a financial reporting and controlling tool.
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STAS was looking for a user-friendly, umbrella platform for the analysis of financial and operational data.
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All financial and operational data is collected and displayed clearly in the BrightAnalytics platform.
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November Five

After accruing additional ventures, November Five decided to choose BrightAnalytics to proactively drive the business.
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Every night, the data from Libeert is uploaded by BrightAnalytics. This allows the company to follow the sales evolution every step of the way.
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House of Talents

The HR services group sought and found one common reporting platform.
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Since the integration of BrightAnalytics, Maxicon always has access to the right data to adjust its business operations where necessary.
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Van Wellen Group

The fact that BrightAnalytics can connect to virtually any accounting package was an added bonus for us.
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BrightAnalytics makes it easy to analyze the complex matrix of branches and projects: an efficient approach for effective KPIs.
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For financial management, Moore (formerly PKF-VMB) was still looking for an intuitive tool. And they found it at BrightAnalytics.
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The more challenging the times, the greater the need for reliable, up-to-date figures. Ghistelinck opted for automated reporting in BrightAnalytics.
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