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You immediately feel part of the Bright Family.
- Cato Vanhoutte, Business Analyst


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Meet Cato Vanhoutte!

Cato started working at BrightAnalytics in September 2022 as a Business Analyst and we asked her some questions about her daily tasks, why she decided to join the Bright Team and what she thinks about the company.

What did you study? 

I studied ‘Commercial Sciences’ at Ghent University. This appealed to me because it is quite general and still gives you a lot of options after you finish your studies. For me, IT and Finance courses were always very interesting so I knew that I wanted to do something with these topics in my future job, but I kept my options open to see which opportunities would come my way.

What is your job function at BrightAnalytics? 

I am a Business Analyst, specified in Advanced Finance. In this job, I can combine my passion for Finance with my interest in IT which is perfect. For the Finance part, I take care of bookings and accounting whilst combining this with the IT part of handling queries for example. 

Did you receive training and coaching sessions when you started your job? 

Yes, definitely and that is a serious advantage! It reassured me that I didn’t have to figure everything out on my own. For example, I had never written queries before when I started working here. I received training and coaching sessions concerning this topic and now I can do it on my own, which really gives me a feeling of fulfilment. I learn new things every single day and if I have a question, the team is always ready to help! The training sessions might feel like a lot in the beginning, but once you get to work and put this theory into practice every day, you really learn the ropes of it and you grow step by step.

What does a day at the Bright Office look like for you?

I usually focus on two main tasks during my day. I offer support to our clients on the one hand and I customise certain platform features on the other hand. The support part consists of helping clients as good as I can when a problem occurs. When some of their data don’t come through in the platform for instance, we look at the underlying query, figure out what the problem is and try to fix it as smoothly as possible.
Next to that, clients sometimes ask to adjust something to their platform or view, so we take care of that. If there is a certain question that appears a lot, we try to standardise this process, which saves us time and helps clients with the same question faster in the future.

What appealed to you in this company?

The fact that it is such a young team is something really unique. There is an amazing atmosphere and you immediately feel part of the Bright Family! People will always listen to your ideas and your input is very appreciated here. Furthermore, BrightAnalytics has inspiring ambitions and wants to keep growing, which means that you also get the chance to grow, to develop and to hone your skills. Next to that, they take care of the team spirit with after works and team buildings and it’s just a lot of fun to go to work every day.

Which tips would you give to someone who is also interested in becoming a business analyst? 

Being energetic and dynamic and wanting to learn and grow together with the team are definitely important factors. The job is challenging, but that is what makes it fun. No two problems arre ever the same, so you always have to look for a new solution and sometimes this takes time, but eventually you’ll get there if you don’t give up. Furthermore, there isn’t a lot of repetition, so if you like to do something challenging, but fulfilling, and if you’re open to new adventures, then you might become our newest Bright Colleague! See you soon?

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  • You immediately feel part of the Bright Family.
    Cato Vanhoutte
    Business Analyst
  • No two days at the Bright Office are ever the same.
    Lucas carette
    Country Launcher Sweden