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Working at Bright is a very good stepping stone for your career.
- Martin Sagen, Account Executive


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Get to know Martin!

Martin started working at BrightAnalytics in August 2023 as an Account Executive. Curious about his story and what led him to BrightAnalytics? Keep on reading and get insights in the life of an Account Executive at Bright.

What is your background, in which sector were you active before you joined BrightAnalytics?

Prior to joining BrightAnalytics, I held two distinct roles. Following my Master’s degree, I worked as a CEO Trainee at a construction company, where I took on various responsibilities ranging from assisting the CEO to driving internal change initiatives. Subsequently, I transitioned into a role as a Management Consultant for a year and a half, working across diverse sectors such as technology, construction, and industrial services. My work encompassed both strategy and organizational change projects.

What appealed to you in BrightAnalytics?

I found that as a consultant, I was often involved in strategic and tactical planning, but lacked the opportunity to implement these plans in practice. While I had the theoretical knowledge and skills to create roadmaps, I lacked hands-on operational experience. That’s why BrightAnalytics caught my attention, because here I could acquire firsthand experience in sales operations, especially in a company with a diverse international presence. The growth trajectory of this scale-up is truly remarkable and impossible to overlook.

What does a typical day as an Account Executive look like for you?

Essentially, it involves efficiently managing your calendar. From the moment you start your day, you’re engaged in a dynamic rhythm of activities, where you’re constantly in contact with potential customers and the market as such. Being an Account Executive means constantly balancing your time between maintaining current relationships and seeking new opportunities for growth.

What skills or qualities are important for this job?

For this role, several skills and qualities are essential but I would definitely say the following three parameters. Being one – kind of hard to ignore – but a basic financial understanding. Secondly, possessing a workers mentality  and a determination to persevere through challenges is paramount. Lastly, maintaining an open-minded and humble approach, with a continuous willingness to learn and adapt, is vital for success in this position.

Why is BrightAnalytics different from other companies?

Compared to other startups who may exhibit a more laid-back mentality, Bright demonstrates a higher level of maturity and dedication to achieving excellence. Additionally, if you would compare Bright to a larger organization I would say it’s fairly evident that in a big company, it’s easy to feel like just a small cog in a large machine. 

But here at Bright you can clearly see which impact you are making day by day, week by week, quarter by quarter. It will notice if you are not there for a few days. Furthermore, Bright’s growth trajectory offers several opportunities for personal and professional development. As they are opening new offices, Bright’s dynamic environment creates a pathway for employees to grow alongside the organization, taking on new challenges and responsibilities. 

What motivates you to excel in your sales role?

The internal drive is crucial. If after a meeting, I find myself questioning my actions or words, it bothers me immensely. It’s really that internal drive to perform that needs to be there. I’m always striving to improve and do better.

What do you like most about your function as an Account Executive?

What I appreciate the most in my role as Account Executive is the diversity of tasks it entails. I enjoy the opportunity to host meetings and engage in the process of closing deals, which allows me to directly influence outcomes. Additionally, I find satisfaction in the less glamorous aspects of the job, such as smart calling and managing email communications. These tasks may not be as flashy, but they are essential components that contribute to the overall success. 

Besides the benefits we just talked about, are they’re also challenges of working as an Account Executive? 

100%, no surprise, I mean if it was easy everyone would be an Account Executive. I believe many people who haven’t worked in sales before underestimate the level of dedication required to excel in this role.  The sheer quantity of tasks involved sets it apart from other professions. First of all you need to master the art of sales, which is very hard to learn to do in a good way, additionally you need a deep understanding of in depth finance and besides that you need to understand the complex product you are selling. Each of these aspects is challenging on its own, and when combined, they present a formidable undertaking.

Did you receive any training/onboarding that helped you succeed in your role, and with those challenges?

Absolutely, I received extensive training and onboarding that significantly contributed to my success in the role and helped me navigate the various challenges. Following that, I found ongoing support through resources such as the playbooks, instructional videos, and one-on-one sessions. Additionally, regular meetings and discussions, including valuable interactions with colleagues from our Global Sales Team, my Swedish colleagues and of course Lucas (Nordics Region Manager), have been instrumental in refining my skills and addressing any obstacles I encounter.

What would you say to someone who is in doubt about joining BrightAnalytics?

Working at Bright is a very good stepping stone for your career, offering invaluable skills within a professional setting. Bright is a very good business school that doesn’t get offered by a lot of other companies. That’s something that they can never take you away. If you have even a slight interest in doing business and want to learn the insights of making something from nothing, I would say go for it. Both for the role itself but also for the life skills you’ll get from learning how to communicate and how to inspire others. 

How would you describe the company culture and how does it contribute to your job satisfaction? 

You are expected to work, and do your part but in a good way. It isn’t a laid-back vibe. It’s a company where you grow and learn. It’s not a very hierarchical company with definite structure. It offers all the benefits that you would want in a startup company: abilities to grow, not four different layers of management, … with the structure and blueprints from a scale-up. 

Looking ahead, what excites you the most about your future with BrightAnalytics? 

One of the primary reasons I joined BrightAnalytics was its growth journey, which continues to be a significant motivator for me. From a personal point of view, I also want to become as good as possible at business which is a tremendous experience in learning as well. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow within the company. 

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