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  • 100+ data connectors
  • Customisable dashboards and reporting
  • 360° platform for your financial, operational and cash data

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Operational and financial reporting in 2021?

Connects with your data.
Rely on up-to-date numbers.

BrightAnalytics connects with over 100 datasources and integrates all data. Always up-to-date, fast and reliable. Is your data source not yet there? Contact us and we'll make it work.

Complex data.
Easy to read.

Automate operations and financial reporting and eliminate complexity. From actuals and budgets to forecasts, to consolidation and automatic intercompany eliminations.

Why would you reinvent the wheel? Use our startertemplates and reports. Our onboarding team will gladly assist you.

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What is management reporting?

Management reporting is the collection of business data to then visualize this data in a simple way.

What is consolidated reporting?

Consolidated reporting shows the numbers of all the businesses that are part of a group together with the necessary intercompany eliminations and the consolidation transactions.

Is BrightAnalytics a solution for complex businesses?

BrightAnalytics is a solution for any company: complex or not complex. The solution grows together with the company . For companies with a lot of complexity as for example multiple companies, different currencies, consolidation,... is also ideal for BrightAnalytics.

What is financial reporting?

Financial reporting gives insights on the state of a business, in this case the financial state.