Controlled growth without surprises

The outsourcing of technical staff is a booming business. Maxicon grew quickly - very quickly. That made the interpretation of the numerical data all the more complex. That is why management went in search of a way to grow in a more controlled manner, with up-to-date figures and transparent analyses. Since the integration of BrightAnalytics the right data are always at hand to adjust their daily business operations where necessary.

Looking ahead based on current data helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Niels ZuttermanFinancial director


The challenge

Since 2015 Maxicon has supplied technical profiles for outsourcing. In addition to technical staff, specialists in the areas of ICT, retail, engineering and drone technology are also available. Maxicon is able to find precisely those profiles that are scarce on the job market. And the numbers illustrate just how much clients appreciate this ability.

With over 150 in-house staff and a large pool of subcontractors, the organisation at Maxicon is a serious challenge. The success of their outsourcing activities has made the monitoring and analysis of company data rather complex.

Whereas a small company has an external accountant to monitor the books and a large corporation has an in-house accounting department, Maxicon was somewhere in between. They found a solution in BrightAnalytics, both in terms of financial reporting and operational optimization.


The solution

That is how a new member of the B-Bright family was introduced at Maxicon because the outsourcing specialists were already using BrightStaffing, much to their satisfaction. “So we knew that BrightAnalytics would also deliver on its promise, in an accessible way”, says CEO Emmanuel Bekaert. “As a general manager without financial knowledge I use the dashboard in an intuitive way.”

The start-up went very smoothly. Maxicon had the system geared to their preferences, with visuals of their choosing and specific wishes with regard to data processing. “We hardly ever need support. BrightAnalytics works pretty smoothly.”


The results

Thanks to BrightAnalytics Maxicon keeps its finger on the pulse at any given time. The financial reports are always up-to-date. Moreover, they compare detailed figures in a simple way, such as the ratio of subcontractors versus own staff or the differences between the various business units.

Emmanuel Bekaert: “In our sector finding good staff is a real challenge. The acquisition of customers and vacancies is an almost effortless process but candidate intake is a different matter. Automating our reporting process has given us more time and energy to focus on this aspect. Without unpleasant surprises afterwards.”

  • Adjusting targets based on forecasts

  • Limiting risks thanks to up-to-date data

  • Dashboard tailored to company and users


The conclusions

BrightAnalytics has supported Maxicon’s growth process. “As a start-up it’s easy to lag behind when relying on yearly results via an external accountant”, financial director Niels Zutterman explains. “Now we know where things stand each month and we can react much faster. I’d recommend it to every company.”

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