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BrightAnalytics utilizes an intuitive and user friendly interface to provide access to financial reports anytime and anywhere, and improve delivery speed. The platform integrates with almost all general ledger systems, so reporting can be done from data stored in multiple locations as well as any format.

How can BrightAnalytics help you?

Financial reporting

Accelerate, simplify and optimize your financial reporting. Integrate all your accounting systems with one central platform and gain insights into your P & L, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Define ratios, manage your budgets and consolidate your data on one powerful platform.

Dashboards and kpi's

Make use of interactive dashboards, graphs and scorecards. BrightAnalytics provides powerful visualization tools to bring your numbers to life.

Operational reporting

BrightAnalytics connects with all your operational systems and data sources. Our fast and intuitive interface gives you access to your reports. Anytime and anywhere, in the format you like.

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Your data is safe, central and available anywhere 

Our top priority is to secure the availability of your data. All BrightAnalytics accounts use SSL encryption. This way, sensitive information is never sent or received in plaintext.

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Connected with your Accounting & ERP Software

BrightAnalytics is able to connect to your Accounting & ERP software. Don’t panic if your software supplier is not in the list, we really can integrate with all systems!

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