Gear BrightAnalytics entirely
to your needs.

Or use our plug-and-play reports.

Custom-tailored to your needs

The standard templates are ready to go but they can nevertheless be custom-tailored to your needs. Fully geared to your organisation. Generate even more quick wins:

  • fast and easy
  • even without assistance
  • as often as necessary.
Schermafbeelding customiseer

Can I change BrightAnalytics as I wish?

In the finance module, you can personalize the different dashboards as you wish. You can also change the dashboards for the operations module.

If I want to personalize something in BrightAnalytics do I need help?

No, our platform is made so intuitively that there shouldn’t be involvement from us for you to personalize the platform. Of course, if you want there are always people from BrightAnalytics prepared to help.

How often can I personalize my dashboards?

As often as you want.

What does plug-and-play mean?

It means that as soon as we have access to the data (plug) we can start experimenting in the platform with different dashboards, visuals, types of graphs,...