Ultimate transparency for more entrepreneurship


BrightAnalytics offers everyone transparency in terms of figures. From management and shareholders to the organisation as a whole. Total or limited access: access rights are yours to determine. 


Transparency keeps everyone on the same page. Everyone knows what the objectives are and where the priorities lie.


The more involved your staff feel, the higher the level of ownership. Transparency has a positive impact on your company culture. 

Can I give others access permissions?

Yes, you can see who can see what and which permissions they have.

How many users can use BrightAnalytics?

The amount of users depends on the subscription that is bought, but you can always add more.

Can I easily add a new user?

You can easily add new users and give them the necessary access.

Which user roles exist in BrightAnalytics?

You can create a role by yourself as you wish. As a standard, we provide a default and an admin role.