BrightAnalytics, cloud platform for Corporate Performance Management

Quick management reports for finance, operations and cash

BrightAnalytics is an online CPM application. Clear and interactive dashboards, graphs and scorecards tell the true story behind the figures. Out-of-the-box modules and templates for management reporting and financial consolidation immediately set you on the right path. Operational reports are configured to suit your strategy. 

Thanks to BrightAnalytics a clear insight into your corporate performance is now within easy reach. Anytime, anywhere. 

Take a flying start for your management reporting

Financial management reporting

Had enough of that annoying spreadsheet stress? Transform finance from routine tasks to business value with BrightAnalytics. 

Keep your P&L and balance transparent at all times, create management reports effortlessly and play with budgets and forecasts. Everything you need to keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your business. Health checks monitor the teamwork. Time-consuming tasks such as consolidation and intercompany eliminations are automated. 

BrightAnalytics saves a huge amount of time. Valuable time that can now be spent on analysis and advice.

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Operational management reporting

Centralise all operational and financial data in one common platform and combine these figures endlessly to obtain the most inclusive insights. From sales funnels, order books and invoice details to time registrations, contracts and more. Look and compare. Analyse and evaluate. 

Make all the right moves thanks to transparent dashboards and visual KPIs.  

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Cash reporting

Gain insight into all cash movements. Accurately assess the short-term cash position and spot long-term trends that can be of great strategic importance. Refresh your cash position and the balance of outstanding invoices for a quick win, day after day. Offsetting these against your business plan may act as an eye-opener. And how about additional insights based on the sales funnel or order books?  

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Platform features
that benefit your business

BrightAnalytics offers ready-to-use templates and numerous functionalities that get you off to a flying start. Every one of these features is based on our expertise, common practices and feedback from our ambitious customers. 

Intuitive web application

BrightAnalytics is a web application with an extremely user-friendly interface.

Always available online via a web browser on a laptop, PC or tablet. For everyone with the proper access rights. 

Rock-solid financial management reporting

Get cracking right away with the standard templates for a.o. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement. Create management reports custom-tailored to your company structure. 

Consolidation & Intercompany matching

Strip your company structure of all complexity with modules for financial consolidation and automatic intercompany eliminations. 

You can't develop a program like this yourself. BrightAnalytics understands exactly what you need.

- Ines Decoutere, Financial Manager J. Cortès
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