Quick management reports
for finance, operations and cash.

Clear and interactive dashboards, graphs and scorecards tell the true story behind the figures.

Platform: our 3 modules


  • Ready made management reports
  • Visual P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Consolidation
  • In-depth analysis
  • Always up-to-date, for everyone
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  • Sales: clear insights for your sales team
  • Consultancy: manage (un)billable hours
  • HR: keep a close watch on individual performance
  • Product lifecycle management
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  • Balance of outstanding invoices
  • Cash flow statement
  • Cash forecast
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What is BrightAnalytics?

BrightAnalytics is a CPM tool that connects to your data sources and forms a protective shell over your data. The data is presented visually in an intuitive platform.

What is SaaS?

SaaS means Software as a Service. Software is being offered as an online service. Like this people don’t have to buy the software but they pay a monthly amount to use it.

Is BrightAnalytics an ERP or CRM system?

No, BrightAnalytics is not an ERP or CRM system. We do have integrations with these kinds of systems.

Is BrightAnalytics a BI-tool?

No, BrightAnalytics is no BI-tool. BI and BrightAnalytics are often used simultaneously in organisations. A BI-tool is for ad hoc reporting that you build from scratch and where there is no underlying financial logic already present. BrightAnalytics does contain financial logic from the beginning and has templates for everyday reporting as well.