Cash reporting


Identify trends in your cash forecast

Managing your cash flows is no mean feat. The money in your account is not a guarantee, it’s just a snapshot of the liquid assets at any given time and doesn’t take outstanding invoices into account. Neither does it give any indication of the expected revenues in relation to the actual work planning or the leads the sales team is developing.

BrightAnalytics give you all the tools to manage your cash in the right way through an accurate analysis of the past and present as well as a forecast for the future with maximum accuracy. 

Solutions for cash reporting

Balance of outstanding invoices

A simple way of sharing the current balance of outstanding invoices giving sales representatives a daily overview of the outstanding invoices in their client portfolio.

Cash flow statement

Turnover is vanity, profit is health, but cash is reality. Gain a clear insight into the cash movements of your business thanks to the cash flow statement.

Cash forecast

Centralise all data that contribute to an accurate cash forecast: historical figures, balance of outstanding invoices, working capital ratios, budgets, planned investments, amortisation tables, order books and sales funnels. The more information the data source contains, the more trends you can predict and the better you can support the growth ambitions of your business.

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