Operational reporting

Measuring is knowing, knowing is growing

Following up operational figures is possible in almost any business application but they only present the figures as such, without additional context. Centralise all operational and financial data in one common platform and combine these figures endlessly to obtain the most inclusive insights. Compare the relative performance of entities, etc.; compile as many top 10s as you like, identify risks and anticipate trends. 

You always know whether objectives are being met. With BrightAnalytics your strategy points the way, it’s not just a set of figures you happen to have at your disposal. Interactive dashboards, charts and scorecards tell the real story. All the info you need to fuel your growth.

Solutions for operational reporting

Sales: clear insights for your sales team

Gain clear insights from sales reports and dashboards by cleverly interweaving data from sales, CRM and financial systems. Available ad hoc for customer visits. Key source of information for the sales meeting. Instrumental for the future sales strategy.

Consultancy: manage unbillable hours

Manage the profitability of your consultants. Relate time performance to the financial project figures in transparent dashboards. Close monitoring guarantees you will never lose valuable time again. 

Our ERP system offered a wealth of data but what we lacked was an effective reporting tool and clear communication in terms of figures.

- Sam Blanckaert, Manager Finance & IT, Libeert

HR: keep a close watch on individual performance

Keep track of team KPIs and individual performance. Congratulate those who excel; make adjustments and coach where improvement is necessary. Let clear insights steer your HR policy towards an individual approach. 


Product lifecycle management

Map out the life stage of your products in a clear manner and calculate the margins per product. Identify sales trends and anticipate them in your product development. Stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our representatives can analyse a customer's entire history in ten minutes.

- Sebastien Van Der Elst, Commercial Director Serax

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