Technology and safety.
Bright priorities.

Our priorities


Private cloud

BrightAnalytics sets up a dedicated environment for every client so confidential information can never fall into the wrong hands. 


Physical safety

  • Biometrically sealed data centre in Belgium, compliant with Belgian legislation
  • Systems that monitor physical access, detect and raise the alarm

Protected network

  • Protection by separation
  • Layered architecture

Application measures

We put the necessary measures in place to keep the application strong and safe such as:

  • Continuous software updates
  • Strict adherence to best practices in development
  • Code reviews at regular intervals
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Penetration tests and ethical hacking
  • TLS and SSL encryption


  • Access control with rights and roles allowing the limitation of data access and functionality
  • Access monitoring
  • Audit trail of all modifications
  • Audit trail of all logins

Configuration module

The platform includes standard templates that can be adjusted as needed 

With admin rights clients can manage the customisations completely autonomously 

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask them.

BrightAnalytics is a powerful aid for risk management on every scale.

- Gilles Desmet, Product & Finance STAS



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