Financial reporting

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Reporting & Analytics

BrightAnalytics automates management reporting and makes it easy to create financial reports and dashboards without IT support. Track, analyse and access data from various datasources. Use drill down capabilities to gain insights into unexpected variance or deviation.

P&L statement

With real-time dashboards and p&l statements, BrightAnalytics allows you to give executives, shareholders, finance, business unit managers and other stakeholders the same accurate view of financial data. Explore, drilldown and collaborate on the details behind performance and where to improve.

Balance sheet & cash flow

Incorporate best practices and model your balance sheet using a top-down approach at the total company of entity level. Use formula logic to create an automated cash flow statement that reflects changes in the balance sheet and p&l statement.


Make use of BrightAnalytics advanced formula builder. Design complex ratio's to monitor your financial performance.

Budget & forecast

Quickly build periodic and rolling forecasts that combine data from actual financial results and revised budgets. With BrightAnalytics you will leave the manual and time-consuming forecasting behind.


Streamline your financial consolidation process. BrightAnalytics intuitive interface simplifies intercompany eliminations, adjustments and reclasses. Speed up your financial close with real-time financial consolidation.