Operational reporting

Drilldown to the details

Reporting & analytics

Take a deep dive into your business. BrightAnalytics helps you turn your business inside out. Operational reports give you all the insights you need to always know how you perform on your operational and strategic KPI’s.


You no longer need a separate BI tool to make your operational reports. To leverage the power of your data, we integrate and consolidate both financial and operational reporting in BrightAnalytics. You will gain full transparency into your corporate performance.

Helicopter view and drilldown

Explore and manage your corporate performance on the highest level – cross divisions, cross operations and cross entities. Drilldown to the details to know exactly where you need to adapt and improve your operations and processes.

Multi-source, single truth

BrightAnalytics connects with any accounting or ERP system and centralizes all the data you need. You can fully trust this one-single-truth platform.

Take faster decisions

When you constantly have all the reports you need at your fingertips, you can take substantiated decisions much faster and quickly assess new opportunities when they arise. New insights will no longer be hidden in your data but revealed instantly in clear dashboards.