One platform for all your datasources


With BrightAnalytics intuitive interface accessing data and reports is simple for all users, even for non-financial or non-technical users.  Insights are at your fingertips and accessible for all users across the organization.

Advanced visualizations

With innovative features including advanced charts, heat-maps, geo-mapping you can easily build dashboards that meet today’s high demand for visual and accurate information.

Access control

BrightAnalytics enables flexible role-based security levels for different user types.  From financial reports to interactive dashboards. You can even restrict or limit access to certain parts of data.

Anytime, anyplace

BrightAnalytics provides a fully integrated reporting platform for both financial and operational reporting in the cloud. You can access it on any computer or tablet device.

Data Integration

No central accountancy or ERP system is required: BrightAnalytics centralizes the data you need. It connects with any application, even with those not mentioned on the list below.

One single thruth

All data comes from the same trusted sources and applies the same logic, rules, calculations and financial intelligence.  Use BrightAnalytics to make decicions with confidence.

Connected with your Accounting & ERP Software

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