Our cost control has improved substantially with our new platform.

- Niels De Busschere, Managing Director Bariseau Mottrie

A better view of the figures, whether in panorama or close-up

Bariseau Mottrie is one of the largest Opel dealers in southwest Flanders. With three different sites and several profit centers, the group was looking for a clearly organized system in order to analyze the figures. Thanks to BrightAnalytics, they always have a clear visualization of the current data and costs are optimally controlled.

The challenge

Twenty years ago, the Bariseau (Roeselare) and Mottrie (Ypres) clans joined forces. Two families with a big heart for Opel cars. First under the name “United Motors”, for several years now under their own names: a coronation of their long partnership.

In 2015, Bariseau Mottrie acquired yet another garage in Kortrijk, and since then they have been able to serve the entire area of southwest Flanders. With a team of 50 employees and an extensive offer of new and second-hand Opel cars and vans.

As a bastion in the automotive sector, Bariseau Mottrie wanted to improve their financial reporting. This reporting requires figures to be drawn from a large number of systems. In order to clearly manage and analyze them in any location, they went looking for a management reporting platform.

The approach

Two years ago, the Opel group had the accounting package integrated with BrightAnalytics. “This was preceded by three meetings”, De Busschere recalls. “The implementation itself went very smoothly. We were able to start working with it in less than a month - without long explanations about how to use the system.”

The intuitive structure of BrightAnalytics enables everyone to draw up financial and operational reports, even without a theoretical background. “BrightAnalytics is plug and play. Very user-friendly. It isn’t just an empty box – the way so many other systems are, unfortunately.”

BrightAnalytics is a plug-and-play system.

- Niels De Busschere, Managing Director Bariseau Mottrie

The results

Thanks to the visualizations of BrightAnalytics, the financial reporting at management and advisory board meetings is entirely transparent. On the basis of current figures, margins are verified and updated and the budget managed. Monitoring of the day-to-day operations becomes faster and easier, both on the overall level and on sub-segments.

“The current challenges in our sector are legion”, the managing director acknowledges. “The changing mobility, the environmental laws, restructurings,… and not least, the margins that are under pressure. BrightAnalytics helps us especially with this last point. Our cost control has improved substantially. And we can also communicate more clearly to our stakeholders thanks to the platform."

  • Better cost control
  • Close monitoring of the day-to-day operations
  • Orderly visualization of financial figures
  • Financial transparency for the management and advisory board


The findings

Does Opel Bariseau Mottrie recommend BrightAnalytics to colleagues in its sector? Niels De Busschere: “Every company in the automotive sector faces the same challenge: to bring together figures from different profit centers in a clear and readily understandable manner. This platform retrieves figures from all branches by itself. So we can easily compare everything without expending energy on collecting data. And we can immediately intervene appropriately where necessary."


Bariseau Mottrie is one of the largest Opel dealers in southwest Flanders. They serve the area with a team of 50 employees and an extensive offer of new and second-hand Opel cars and vans.

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