The deepened insight into our consultancy business helps us detect and remedy issues and bottlenecks faster than before.

- Tom Ceusters, Manager Office & Administration

Not a supplier but a partner who thinks along.

What do you do as an entrepreneur when a good decision suddenly brings tremendous growth to your business? Exactly, you professionalise. It happened to recruitment agency Dixon. When the number of consultants on assignment on their payroll quadrupled in just two years’ time, Dixon opted for the BrightAnalytics reporting platform. 

As a recruitment agency, Antwerp-based Dixon not only finds the perfect new employee for its many customers; the outfit also uses freelancers for temporary assignments and sends out its own consultants within engineering and finance. And the latter activity has really taken off: whereas in 2017 Dixon’s payroll included 25 consultants, this number will easily exceed 100 by the end of 2019.  


Entrepreneurship at a more professional level

“When we started sending our own people out on assignment and decided to break up the company into four separate entities, we realised Excel could no longer meet our needs in terms of financial reporting. The managers of the various divisions each had their own expectations and we wanted to give them optimal transparency”, says Tom Ceusters, Manager Office & Administration.

Born and grown from pure and unadulterated entrepreneurship, Dixon decided to professionalise. “As early as our initial discussion with BrightAnalytics I realised: this is not a supplier, this will be a partnership. Right off the bat we realised the collaboration showed great potential and we intuited we had found a partner who would think along with us. We were also struck by the flexibility of the system, which promised to meet all of our needs. Over eighteen months later BrightAnalytics has fulfilled our expectations - and more.” 

The solution already takes into account situations that may crop up tomorrow.

- Tom Ceusters, Manager Office & Administration

Immense time savings

Before long Dixon noticed that their quarterly reporting process had gone to the next level. “The time savings during the preparation of our quarterly meetings were simply huge. Previously we would often forward the final figures late in the night before the meeting but today all data is available with a single click. The only thing left for us to do is to double-check if we didn’t make any processing mistakes at our end. Once that’s done we can have absolute confidence that whatever is in the system is correct. The fact that during the quarterly meeting we can fall back on a high-quality, reliable system that presents us with live, accurate figures makes a world of difference. We can build on it.” 

Foto Dixon & company

Quicker adjustments

In the course of 2019 Dixon decided to also purchase BrightAnalytics’ operational module. “The decision fit in with our aim to continue the optimisation process”, Tom explains. “Thanks to this module, which links financial, HR and CRM data, we can bring certain aspects together and map out interesting insights regarding our consultants. How many days did they work? How much training did they have? Who stayed home when, and how much is everyone bringing in? This deepened insight into our consultancy business helps us detect and remedy issues and bottlenecks faster than before.”

In closing, he also praised BrightAnalytics’ proactive approach. “Their solutions often already take into account situations that may crop up at some point in the future. But we also appreciate the fact that we are building our business together. If we have a comment or idea they propose a solution in the shortest of terms. Just a few feedback moments are usually enough to guarantee results. That’s really great”, Tom concludes.


  • A real partner who thinks along proactively
  • Futureproof platform that already takes account of the needs of tomorrow
  • Immense time savings in financial reporting
  • Reliable, stable and high-quality system
  • Flexible solution geared to the needs of the company


Antwerp recruiting agency Dixon specialises in permanent recruiting, interim management and consultancy. The company has experienced substantial growth in recent years. In light of the changing company structure, Dixon wanted to professionalise. Today, they do this in conjunction with BrightAnalytics.

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