The benefits are huge, both in terms of efficiency and time savings.

- Jan De Block, Finance & Process Director

20 offices, one flag, one tool

Go4Jobs is a temporary employment and selection agency that is organised just a tad differently than its peers. The company’s 20 local branches are run by independent entrepreneurs. They can steer their own course to a certain extent but they do so on behalf of the holding to which they belong. And this obviously requires a good reporting and follow-up tool.

“I sometimes refer to our group holding company as the mother ship, and to our temporary employment entrepreneurs as the speedboats that circle around that mother ship”, says Finance & Process Director Jan De Block. “They sail in the same general direction as the mother ship but to a certain extent they plot their own course. Put differently: they each cover a section of Flanders and have the freedom to organise their individual commercial policy on a local level.” This is not only more financially rewarding for the entrepreneurs but this way they are also more personally involved in Go4Jobs and they commit for longer periods. “This translates into stability for our customers, which represents great added value in our sector”, Jan concludes. 


Huge time savings

But with all the Go4Jobs ships sailing under the same flag coherence is obviously essential. So how do they provide it? “Our service centre coordinates everything related to IT, legislation, accounting, marketing, HR and finance. This involves a great deal of follow-up and reporting. Back in the day this was done in Excel but a mistake in a single cell invalidated the entire sheet. You can imagine the consequences. That is why 18 months ago we opted for the automated system of BrightAnalytics. If you modify one parameter then the whole system automatically adapts. The benefits are huge, both in terms of efficiency and time savings.”


More confidence

Today the holding and the temporary employment entrepreneurs not just monitor the financial results in BrightAnalytics but they also track a number of relevant operational parameters the tool extracts from the ERP system. “Examples include turnover per customer, the number of new registrations or contracts, ... No matter what we wish to see, there’s always a way to display that info. The data is accessible to everyone but each of us decides individually what to do with it.”

And the temporary employment entrepreneurs clearly use this option because according to Jan they readily adopted this tool. “I can tell by the number of questions I receive once we’ve forwarded the monthly figures. I have also found that they look at the figures in depth. For instance, entrepreneurs can look up the names of the top 5 agency workers for a particular customer or how many candidates there are for a specific vacancy; all this info is readily available. The system offers total transparency: they can look at their company in detail and this boosts the mutual trust between the mother ship and the local branches.”

The system offers total transparency. And this boosts the mutual trust between the mother ship and the local branches.

- Jan De Block, Finance & Process Director

Insight for shareholders

Apart from the fact that the tool is also used for the follow-up of outstanding and overdue invoices and consultations on this subject between the service centre and the temporary employment entrepreneurs, Go4Jobs also uses BrightAnalytics to draw up a general overview sheet that details the overall performance of the group.

“This overview shows the temporary employment entrepreneurs the situation of the company as a whole. How many agency workers work for us in total? How many vacancies and customers do we have? And what kind of budget do the branches work with? This way the temporary employment entrepreneurs can see where they rank in that armada of speedboats and that tells them how they are doing. But it’s also very practical for our shareholders - who are closely involved in Go4Jobs - because this overview lets them check all relevant figures in the blink of an eye.”

  • User-friendly system
  • Huge time savings
  • Transparency for the entire organisation
  • Quick insight for shareholders


Go4Jobs is a temporary employment and selection agency with some 70 staff across the whole of Flanders. Every day they put their best foot forward to help SMEs - from your small business owner just around the corner to medium-sized enterprises - find extra manpower. Among others, BrightAnalytics helps them ensure a quick, easy and accurate follow-up of the performance of all 20 branches.

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