We can let the application do its work without a care in the world. BrightAnalytics monitors whether everything is going smoothly.

- Sam Blanckaert, Manager Finance & IT

The right sales decision is just one press of a button away

If you like to nibble the occasional chocolate figurine around Christmas or Easter then you are undoubtedly familiar with West Flanders-based company Libeert. For close to a century, this family business from Comines has been marketing chocolate products worldwide. With the operational reporting process becoming an ever bigger challenge, Libeert decided to make the switch to BrightAnalytics.

“Approximately two years ago we had to face facts: we needed to find a more efficient way of handling the operational reporting process for our sales department”, says Manager Finance & IT Sam Blanckaert. “Chocolate figurines have been our speciality for 100 years. Nowadays we also market chocolate tablets and pralines, both in Belgium and worldwide. Still, making sales decisions was often a laborious process. Our ERP system offered a wealth of data but what we lacked was an effective reporting tool and clear communication in terms of figures.”

Hardly invested any time

Following a thorough market study Libeert opted for BrightAnalytics. Quite a few systems turned out to be complicated and not ready for use, yet expensive. BrightAnalytics told us: “If you supply the data and explain your reporting needs, we’ll deliver a high-performing solution. They developed the reporting tool from start to finish. They harvested our data from SAP, placed it on their servers and produced reports that are accessible to the entire organisation. We hardly had to invest any time on our part.”

Every night Libeert’s data is uploaded by BrightAnalytics, enabling the company to monitor the sales evolution on a daily basis, both on a customer, market and product level. Even though this is still an IT transaction, Sam is not worried. “We can easily keep track to see if anything has gone wrong. Nothing of the sort has happened yet but if it ever does we know we will be informed instantly so we can take swift action. Incidentally, BrightAnalytics also keeps an eye out. This means we can let the application do its work without a care in the world.”

Our figures are available at any given time. All you need is an internet connection and a password.

- Sam Blanckaert, Manager Finance & IT

Daily insights into the income statement and balance sheet

Shortly after Libeert also switched to BrightAnalytics on a financial level. “We used to work in Excel. Now the financial module gives us a daily insight into our income statement and balance sheet. The system displays our figures in a way that is practical for us. As the system also includes excellent graphics, the result has a transparent and attractive layout, making reports to management a much easier proposition. Matters of concern in our various departments are quickly identified and if necessary adjustments are made by mutual agreement.” 

Different departments, a single language

For Sam it’s an advantage that the BrightAnalytics tool is cloud-based. “This way our figures are available at any given time. All you need is an internet connection and a password. Moreover, we can set up authorisations to determine who has access to specific info.  As a result, finance and reporting have become a shared responsibility. Making our performance more transparent is now not only a lightning-fast process, we also speak the same language where figures are concerned.”

The advantages of BrightAnalytics:

  • User-friendly and ready for use
  • Accessible reports for the entire organisation
  • Sales insights on a customer, market and product level
  • Daily insights into the income statement and balance sheet
  • Strong graphics and visually attractive


Libeert is synonymous with chocolate figurines. For 100 years this West Flanders family business has been producing and delivering the most delectable chocolate to just about every Belgian supermarket and far beyond. Of course, all these sales transactions generate a large data volume. Fortunately BrightAnalytics knows just how to make this data transparent for Libeert. Both on an operational and financial level.

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