There’s ample room for custom adjustments. To me that is the main strength of BrightAnalytics.

- Tom Lokermans, CFO Quality By Design

Transparent KPIs and financial performance with a single platform

For quite a while, knowledge company QBD has been using an array of tools to follow up on the performance of its support services. Fortunately they can count on BrightAnalytics to link all the information harvested from the various systems on a single platform. With just a few mouse clicks, they can pull up not just an overview of the financial situation but also the proposed KPIs.

“When one of our customers has an idea for a new product we coach them towards efficient production”, CFO Tom Lokermans explains. “In doing so, we integrate quality thinking from day one of the production process. In addition, we validate tools and guide customers through the ISO process. We do this with some 200 staff, of which 125 in Belgium.”

Multiple tools, a single platform

A while ago QBD invested in tools to objectify and monitor the performance of various departments. “For instance, we have an HR tool that gives us insights into our recruitment process. But there’s also a system for the sales department and there’s also the financial reporting system, of course. We thought it would be efficient to combine all of these tools on a single platform in order to simplify the reporting process and make it more transparent.”

This meant the company went in search of an effective reporting tool. “But we didn’t want to spend a fortune and we wanted to avoid endless development costs. We experimented with a number of packages but without much success”, Tom continues.

That’s when QBD’s tax experts recommended BrightAnalytics. “And there we found exactly what we were looking for. We can now carry out all of our reporting activities on a single platform. We get a fast and accurate picture of our financial situation and a number of KPIs within various departments because BrightAnalytics links the various tools. The days of creating a multitude of individual reports are over.”

The basic financial reporting package is very extensive. We hardly had to adjust or add anything.

- Tom Lokermans, CFO Quality By Design

Custom-tailored work is easy

For the purposes of financial reporting QBD uses the basic BrightAnalytics package, which Tom says is already quite extensive. “There’s so much you can do with it. The figures are updated every night and the following morning the system details the financial performance of all our branches. At our discretion we can consolidate them or examine them individually, set periods, etc. And the system is very user-friendly as well. So for this aspect we hardly added anything or made any adjustments.” 

The reporting on the KPIs of the various departments demanded more bespoke work. “Fortunately it was very easy. The system is user-friendly and there’s ample room for custom adjustments. To me that is the main strength of BrightAnalytics. An added advantage is the fact that not just us but also the departments themselves can access the system. Creating roles is very simple and we can determine who has access to what. So practical!”


  • Extensive and highly effective basic financial reporting package
  • User-friendly platform
  • Ample room for custom adjustments
  • Possibility to decide who has access to what


QBD - which stands for ‘quality by design’ - is a knowledge company that guides life sciences companies towards enhanced process quality. Their objective is to achieve higher efficiency for the customer. That is also what they had in mind when they were on the lookout for a new reporting tool. Today BrightAnalytics maps out both the company’s financial situation and the KPIs for the various departments.

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