All the numbers at our fingertips, in a clear and readily understandable form.

- Philippe Van den Bossche, Director CFO-services VGD

Accountant of the future

What's good attracts a following. Auditing and accountancy firm VGD first became acquainted with BrightAnalytics when it was looking for a way to make its management reports both more accessible and easier to put together. Already after the first months the added value of BrightAnalytics was so great that VGD began offering the package to its clients as well.

In a not so distant past, VGD was combining Excel sheets and elements from the accounting package to inform its own management about the operating results. “But doing the work manually consumes a huge amount of time and increases the chance of errors. With BrightAnalytics, we have all the numbers at our fingertips, in a clear and readily understandable form. The management reports are a single page. And when there are questions we can easily zoom in on the underlying figures. Down to the finest details”, says VGD CFO Marc Christiaens. At the same time, the BrightAnalytics platform provided for a simple credit management and efficient internal communication.


Business partners

Moreover, VGD is more than a user of BrightAnalytics: it’s also a partner that offers the system to its own clients. And that´s no accident. “We are striving to be the accountant of the future, and intelligent technology like BrightAnalytics plays an essential role in this effort. Digitising and automating accounting processes frees up more time for analysis. And that ensures a better insight into the business policy and better decisions. Also for our clients”, explains Philippe Van den Bossche, director of the new CFO Services department. "We're more than accountants who crunch numbers. We're business partners: we help our clients to do better."

We're business partners: we help our clients to do better.

- Philippe Van den Bossche, Director CFO-services VGD

Trendsetter in technology

As an auditing and accountancy firm focusing on family-held businesses, VGD profiles itself as a pioneer in financial services linked to IT possibilities. For example, earlier it had already launched ToCo, an online client portal. The speed, reliability and user-friendliness of BrightAnalytics integrate perfectly with that. "The added value that BrightAnalytics provides us can generate huge benefits for our clients as well. With this tool you don´t need a heavy-duty financial background to understand figures. The analysis takes place automatically. As specialists, it enables us to do a better job of accompanying and actively advising our customers. In this way we give managers a better insight into their business. Even those who today go with their gut feelings”, says Marc Christiaens.


As a professional organization of auditors, accountants, tax consultants and corporate finance advisors, VGD offers multidisciplinary and integrated solutions around these needs. With VGD as knowledge partner, companies create space to grow in confidence.

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