We used Excel for a long time but
the program has its limits.

- Anke Ulens, CEO Vivaldis

All the tools at your fingertips to make
the difference

“Before our branch network expanded, we hardly drew up any reports: too complicated. However, since we started using BrightAnalytics, every one of our decisions is based on a full overview. This goes for management as well as for the various branches and our staff.” - Anke Ulens, CEO Vivaldis Interim

A user-friendly platform to quickly collect and interpret all available data at different levels, that is what Vivaldis Interim was looking for. In a short time the temp agency grew from 30 to 45 branches in Belgium: “We made do with Excel for a long time but the program has its limits”, says Vivaldis CEO Anke Ulens. “With BrightAnalytics all 125 staff have the tools at their fingertips to make the difference.” CEO Anke Ulens continues: “Before we could also request reports but we never bothered: too laborious.”

Vivaldis uses BrightAnalytics for two purposes. Firstly to inform management through relevant core figures and reports. “That was an option in the past as well but we rarely used it. It was too complicated and time-consuming. Now we have all the info available in a quick and user-friendly manner to make decisions smoothly. We immediately see the key figures and can break them down if necessary: for example, to compare the performance between existing and new branches."

Anke Ulkens van Vivaldis Intrim

There were barely six weeks between the first meetings and implementation: it went surprisingly fast.

- Anke Ulens, CEO Vivaldis

Practical insights for strategic decisions

The figures and reports not only support the board of directors. The various branches also use BrightAnalytics on a day-to-day basis. “Our business model is built around a large measure of autonomy for the branches and staff. BrightAnalytics gives them an overview of staff performance in the blink of an eye, they can draw comparisons and see the margins delivered by the various services. They have all the input required to make optimum choices.” BrightAnalytics uses all the data from Vivaldis’ own ERP package. At any given time.


Vivaldis is active in the agency sector and already has almost 50 offices in and outside Flanders with consultants who will guide you through your next steps. Vivaldis does that a little bit differently from the others. Personal, warm, almost familial. But also professionally, across the entire line.

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