Why BrightAnalytics?

For ambitious companies, an intuitive, reliable and fast reporting platform such as BrightAnalytics is worth its weight in gold. 

Accelerate with BrightAnalytics

  • A strategic yes or no? The ability to make fast decisions is key. Opt for transparent figures now.
  • Management reports for the board of directors? You want to compile them quickly and flawlessly, with no manual input and with your recommendations added in.

BrightAnalytics helps you shift to top gear.

Looking to the future with confidence as CEO

BrightAnalytics keeps your finger firmly on the pulse of your business. You are always aware of how your company is doing on a financial and operational level, and this for the organisation as a whole. 
Reports in BrightAnalytics:

  • are within easy reach, anytime, anywhere
  • are always accurate and up-to-date
  • provide clear insight, even if you’re not a financial expert
  • can be shared with anyone, in part or entirely 

Would you also like to make faster decisions and go all out for growth? 

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Recommendations always available as CFO

No more race against the clock with BrightAnalytics. Your management reports? Ready in the blink of an eye and always on time. No manual input so you can focus on analysis; the platform will centralise your data for you. 
What management reports? 

  • P&L and balance sheet
  • cash flow statement and ratios
  • consolidation
  • budgeting and forecasting

Are you the CEO’s sparring partner yet?

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Now that we have 100% confidence in our numbers, we can make better decisions. The result? Strong growth!

- Stijn Degrieck, CEO, Codit

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Who is the target group of BrightAnalytics?

BrightAnalytics focuses on financial profiles in the organisation who are doing the reporting for the business. Our focus is lying on CEO’s and CFO’s within the organisation.

Why use BrightAnalytics as a CEO?

BrightAnalytics is a CPM tool that is connected to your data sources and gives you a clear overview of your business. The data is visually presented on an intuitive platform.

Why use BrightAnalytics as a CFO?

Our reporting platform generates strategic reports so that you as a CFO have more time to interpret the numbers.

Do you have to have knowledge about IT to use BrightAnalytics?

No, to use BrightAnalytics you don’t need previous knowledge about IT to work with the platform.