Full transparency for the CEO 

Keep track of your financial and operational performance and grow in a controlled way

One truth

Reports from different data sources often present diverging results. BrightAnalytics analyses and reconciliates all figures in a single platform. Determine your strategy based on accurate reports across all business entities. 


With the online reporting platform BrightAnalytics your finger remains firmly on the pulse of your business. Anytime, anywhere. Sharing reports with the executive level, the board of directors and even the organisation as a whole has never been easier. And with full transparency.

Act faster

Reporting doesn’t have to be an ordeal. BrightAnalytics automates the reporting process in order to provide you with the insights you need, when you need them. Fast and 100% reliable.

The advantages of BrightAnalytics


One single version
of the truth




100% insight

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Now that we have 100% confidence in our numbers, we can make better decisions. The result? Strong growth.

- Stijn Degrieck, CEO bij Codit