Freeing up time as CFO
for what really matters

With a reliable and intuitive reporting platform strategic reports are generated automatically so CFOs have more time to interpret the data. 

Strategic advice

Companies build on the strategic advice of their CFO. The insights they gain from figures constitute a vital aspect of decisions that affect the organisation’s current and future strategy. 


Save time

BrightAnalytics creates breathing room in your agenda. It automates reporting processes and eliminates complexity, including consolidation and automatic intercompany eliminations. 

Shift your focus

Shift your focus to the analysis of data and strategic advice. What are your financing needs? Is there sufficient cash for that takeover? How is the turnover or margin for this business unit, that product or customer evolving? It’s all right there at your fingertips, in black and white. 

Operational view

BrightAnalytics keeps you right on top of the facts on an operational level as well, thanks to a powerful combination of accounting figures with data from the ERP system. 

The advantages of BrightAnalytics


Automatic reports


More time to acquire valuable insights


A broader view as CFO

Want to see a preview of our platform?

For the members of the Board of Directors we provide a report via BrightAnalytics. This is updated daily with new figures.

- Hil Foon Wong, CFO Ecochem

What are the advantages of BrightAnalytics for CFOs?

Because of the automated reporting, you get a broader view of the finances.

Which financial reports can you make with BrightAnalytics?

In BrightAnalytics you can use our templates or you can make your own management profit & loss statement, balance sheet, dashboard, financial KPIs, aging tables, or detailed cash forecast.

Which financial reports are possible in BrightAnalytics?

With BrightAnalytics you can make automated interactive reports by combining the data from a lot of different systems such as projects, sales, CRM, consultancy, HR, time registration, stock, product lifecycle, etc.

Do I still need to gather data to use BrightAnalytics?

No, BrightAnalytics integrates with all of your existing systems. The only thing you yourself have to do is analyze the data.