Cash reporting solutions

Track your cash position daily with BrightAnalytics. Our cash reporting module provides insight into your agings (customers-suppliers) and determines your future financial position.

Cash reporting in BrightAnalytics

Gain insight into all cash movements. Approach the short-term cash position and spot long-term trends that may be of great strategic importance. A daily refresh of your cash position and maturity balances will give you a quick-win every day. Contrasting all this with your business plan can open eyes. And what about even more insights based on the sales funnel or order books?

The BrightAnalytics cash reporting modules give you all the tools you need to approach your cash correctly. Both in the past and present, and as faithful a prediction as possible of the future.


Cash view cashflow statement

Cash flow statement

The basis for controlling your cash is to draw up a cash flow statement. BrightAnalytics allows you to monitor the incoming and outgoing cash flow at a glance.

Cash view supplier agings


Agings automatically flow from your accounting package. In BrightAnalytics, you track your agings from customers and suppliers on a daily basis. Moreover, allow employees to manage their own customer portfolio through follow-ups.

Cash reporting - cash forecast

Cash Forecasting

Predict your cash position based on budgets in your business plan such as expected sales and costs. Look ahead and determine what plans and slopes may or may not be possible.

Gain a 360° overview of the entire organization

“When the corona crisis erupted, we received signals from both customers and suppliers that made us realize it was becoming crucial to closely monitor our cash flow”
– Bart Van den Broeck, CFO
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