5 reasons why companies choose BrightAnalytics

First, we’d like to acknowledge the team at Finazilla. Just like we did, they saw a problem in the market and built a solution for consolidated reporting.

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5 reasons why companies choose BrightAnalytics for their management reporting

1. Perfectly tailored towards your business

The BrightAnalytics platform is a layer on top of your systems (accounting system(s) / ERP / CRM / ATS /etc.). The platform directly connects with these systems, which allows you to shift focus from gathering to analyzing data and generating valuable insights.

All the logic is already embedded in the platform so you can start automating your reporting straight away. The three modules of BrightAnalytics aggregate all financial and operational data into transparent and user-friendly dashboards, providing you a 360° overview of the entire organization.

Finazilla alternative - The reporting modules of BrightAnalytics: financial reporting, cash reporting, and operational reporting

2. A fast, intuitive, and dynamic interface

Finazilla alternative - Intuitive and user-friendly interface of BrightAnalytics

The feedback we receive from our wide customer base is that our tool is easy to use, both for financials and non-financials. With only half a day of training, you are up and running with the platform in no time.

You can easily make changes to structures, mappings, dashboards, user accesses, etc. We put the keys in your hands. This contrasts with the classic BI tools where any changes need to be made by an in- or external specialist.

However, don’t be misguided, an easy-to-use product does not mean simple. The BrightAnalytics tool has been developed over the years to automate complex matters in just a few clicks.

With BrightAnalytics you can slice and dice, play with different analytical dimensions, and drill down up to the posting details & scanned invoices. When IC eliminations do not balance to zero, we provide an intercompany matching tool, in which you can identify any missing bookings in a matter of seconds. No more wasting time trying to find errors in your accounting packages.

3. Reliable and integrated

Finazilla alternative - Automated health check by BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics makes sure the data on the platform is always 100% compliant with the source system (accounting, ERP, or CRM package). The built-in health check makes sure  that there are no discrepancies between what is reported and what has been booked. If you for example create a new GL account in your software package, you will receive an email notification that mapping is needed to the correct P&L structure.

Have we mentioned we connect to any system (both cloud-based or on-premise systems)? Today, we have over 150 integrations available. If your software package is not on that list, we pride ourselves with the fact that we can create the connector in a matter of days – it’s just what we do.

BrightAnalytics synchronizes the data every night between your source system and the platform, so you always look at the most recent data available. In closing periods, you even might want to do this several times a day to check the final result based on the last accounting entries. Just hit “refresh”.

4. 360° reporting, accessible anytime at anyplace

Finazilla alternative - Gain a 360° overview of the organization with the additional operations reporting module

The BrightAnalytics platform is not limited to only financial reporting. You can also follow up on cash reporting and operational KPIs. This allows you to have a 360° overview of your organization.

Our cash solution consists on the one hand of the client- and customer agings and on the other hand a cash forecast. In terms of operational reporting, we connect with ERP, CRM, time registration systems, ATS, and TMS systems to gain insights into margins, top customers, sales funnels, billable hours, project information, etc. If you have the data available in a system, data warehouse, or an Excel –  we can generate various views and insights that are valuable for your business.

5. Engagement

Finazilla alternative - Access control with BrightAnalytics

A cloud-based solution offers many advantages. The biggest one might be the engagement and ownership you create within your organization. With the BrightAnalytics platform, you can give access to multiple people and restrict what they can see.

“With BrightAnalytics we see where we can best deploy our people, analyse individual projects, or compare our sites.”
– Stijn Degriek, CEO
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  • What is BrightAnalytics?

    BrightAnalytics is the most intuitive, reliable and fast management reporting platform that covers all needs on management reporting and consolidation.

  • Which reporting modules does BrightAnalytics offer?

    BrightAnalytics, the management reporting platform, offers 3 different reporting modules. The basic module covers financial reporting, and can be extended with the cash and/or operational reporting modules.

  • How does BrightAnalytics work?
    1. Connect: BrightAnalytics connects with accounting, ERP and CRM systems, and centralises all data in the BrightAnalytics platform.
    2. Report: The standard templates in BrightAnalytics are immediately ready for use, but can be fully tailored to suit one’s needs.
    3. Analyse: The management reports and dashboards offer a wealth of information and immediately provide clear insight into the figures of the entire organisation.
    4. Engage: The clear reports contribute to a better streamlined business strategy and execution, and ensure transparency within the company.

  • How do I connect BrightAnalytics to my package?

    This is only possible after contacting one of our customer success colleagues. They create the bridge between customer and business analysts, ensuring that the connection between your packages runs smoothly.