Let's make your data talk.
BrightAnalytics has 250+ integrations.

  • Connect all types of applications, both accountancy and ERP and CRM.
  • The resource can be online, on premise or even a spreadsheet.
  • Any number of applications can be combined on the platform.
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“The fact that BrightAnalytics can connect to virtually any accounting package, was an added bonus for us.”
– Tom Bolsens, Financial Officer
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2. Customise

The standard templates are ready for use, but you can modify them to suit your needs: fully tailored to your organisation. Generate even more quick wins.

3. Analysing

Decisions have never been made this quickly. The most transparent management reports and user-friendly dashboards provide a wealth of information. You immediately have a clear insight into the financial and operational figures of the entire organisation.

4. Engaging

Clear reports help you to better streamline business strategy and execution, and ensure that management, stakeholders, and even the entire organization have a clear insight into performance.

  • How do I connect BrightAnalytics to my package?

    This is only possible after contacting one of our customer success colleagues. They create the bridge between customer and business analysts, ensuring that the connection between your packages runs smoothly.

  • Does BrightAnalytics connect with my package?

    On the page https://www.brightanalytics.eu/integrations/ you can find a list of all our connectors.

  • Does my package need to be a Cloud package?

    No, your package does not need to be a Cloud package. BrightAnalytics links up with packages from the Cloud, on the server, or even Excel files.

  • What if there is no connector to my package?

    There is a team at BrightAnalytics dedicated to building connectors. In other words: if there is no connector yet, we are sure we can make one.