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ADMINd is a NetroPolix software package which focuses on administration and commercial management aimed at SMEs. This modular administration package is developed entirely in-house and is fully adaptable to company-specific processes.

BrightAnalytics connects to both cloud and on-premises applications, including ADMINd, and centralizes all the data you need to make fast and informed decisions. By making the connection with BrightAnalytics, you will have an overview of all your figures visualized in intuitive dashboards and you will be able to switch faster.

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Connecting valuable data

BrightAnalytics already connects with more than 100 applications, and is creating more all the time! Didn’t find your connector? Let us know and we’ll get right on it!

“There is a lot of room to customize things. To me, that is the strength of BrightAnalytics.”
– Tom Lokermans, CFO
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