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  • Cash reporting
  • Financial reporting


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AFAS automates companies and organizations in all branches and simplifies the control of your logistic and financial processes. The ERP package is tailored to sector-specific situations and is very malleable.

This allows BrightAnalytics to easily connect with this software and unlock and centralize all data in a single platform. “One Single Platform of Truth”: this is what we strive for at BrightAnalytics. One platform that automates your management reporting and eliminates all complexities.

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Connecting valuable data

BrightAnalytics already connects with more than 100 applications, and is creating more all the time! Didn’t find your connector? Let us know and we’ll get right on it!

“The big advantage is that they can link with many systems very quickly. We work with two completely different packages, a cloud-based and an on-premises package, and yet BrightAnalytics manages to capture all the information in one view.”
– Thomas De Moore, Financial Controller
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