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Easypay offers several modular software and services that focus on payroll, time tracking, employee scheduling, and workforce management. With a focus on optimal automation of HR processes, the software is adapted to the size of the company.

Operational figures can be monitored in almost any business application, but only in isolation – without context. BrightAnalytics establishes a smooth connection with Easypay and smartly centralizes all operational and financial data in one common platform. In this way, these figures can be combined endlessly to arrive at the most inclusive insights.

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Connecting valuable data

BrightAnalytics already connects with more than 100 applications, and is creating more all the time! Didn’t find your connector? Let us know and we’ll get right on it!

“The data is visualized in clear cash flow reports, and gives both management and shareholders a continuous insight into the financial performance of the company.”
– Philippe Van Den Bossche, CFO Services Manager (VGD)
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