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Simplifying data-driven financial planning

Planacy is a best-of-breed planning platform that streamlines your budget, forecast and planning process. The platform is built to handle a complex reality and is fully customizable for any business, its needs, and processes. This unique flexibility and configurability make Planacy one of the most powerful planning tools on the market.

Take full advantage of your already made investments with Planacy’s seamless integrations to Excel, leading business intelligence systems and other best-of-breed finance and reporting platforms. With a seamlessly integrated platform for data model as well as analysis and follow-up you’ll reduce implementation time, maintenance, and management.

Reduce time-consuming, manual, and repetitive work with Planacy – get more control over your processes and increase the quality of your work. Automatically gathered reference data, automatic forecast proposals, rolling forecasts and scenario planning also enables you to quickly adapt as the outside world and circumstances change.

  • Best-of-breed planning platform
  • Cloud-based SaaS product
  • Fully customizable for all industries and processes
  • Unique database architecture
  • Fast implementation – get started in 4 weeks!
  • Seamless integrations to finance and reporting systems
  • Value-creating, efficient and more automated processes
The Planacy integration_Budgeting dashboard on the Planacy software

About Planacy

Planacy is a Swedish SaaS company that was founded in 2015 and is now trusted by over 100 companies in the Nordics.

The company is run by a motivated and passionate team with a vision to contribute to more successful companies by simplifying more data-driven, collaborative, and continuous planning processes.

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