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  • On-Premise
  • Standard API

Unit4 Multivers

The integration

BrightAnalytics connects to Unit4 Multivers ( & Multivers Online) , centralizing all data in a single platform.

The BrightAnalytics management reporting tool connects to any number of applications, including accounting, ERP and CRM, and thus offers a360° overview of the entire organization. In this way, you will immediately obtain clear insights and take the right strategic decisions.

In BrightAnalytics, all financial reports are immediately available:

And much more!

Over Multivers

Multivers offers an accounting solution for small and medium-sized companies with a more complex structure. Multivers also contains extra functionalities regarding subscriptions, invoicing, projects and time registration.

Other packages of Unit 4

Unit 4, formerly Unit 4 Agresso, also has other packages that seamlessly integrate with BrightAnalytics:

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Connecting valuable data

BrightAnalytics connecteert reeds met meer dan 250 applicaties, en we creëren er steeds meer! Uw connector niet gevonden? Laat het ons weten en we maken er meteen werk van!