That's why West Flemish start-ups are hip workplaces

MADE IN WEST FLANDERS – The fintech company BrightAnalytics crosses the border to the Netherlands.

After its first five successful years in Belgium, West-Flanders fintech company BrightAnalytics is crossing the border into the Netherlands. “A logical next step in our growth,” says co-founder Olivier Seynhaeve. “On the one hand, because, after five years, we have completely established our product and our company. Now, we are really keen to continue our growth story outside Belgium as well. On the other hand, we have the advantage of the language in the Netherlands. We hope to learn more quickly how to market our product abroad.

“We believe that the more people have a clear understanding of the company’s performance, the more growth can be achieved.”
Olivier Seynhaeve, Co-Founder

BrightAnalytics developed an online platform for the consolidated reporting of financial and operational figures. It converts data from different sources into clear, intuitive management reports that can be viewed by anyone. “The fact that BrightAnalytics reports are usable by everyone within the organisation is something we often hear as feedback,” says Olivier

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Source: Made in West-Flanders, 1/10/2019