BrightAnalytics to the Netherlands

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – Reporting platform BrightAnalytics also guides the Netherlands towards real-time insight into performance.

You never heard of BrightAnalytics? You can. Until recently, this intuitive, reliable and fast platform for consolidated reporting of financial and operational figures was only available in Belgium. But that changes now that the company is also coming to the Dutch market. And that, of course, includes participation in Financial Systems. “An excellent opportunity to get acquainted,” says business manager Lode Bogaert, “but also to attract new talent.” In the short term, BrightAnalytics is looking for no less than three Dutch employees.

“We discovered that a platform like ours is actually not yet available in the Netherlands. There are of course some tools available, but BrightAnalytics can do just a little bit more.”
Merijn Demuynck, Co-founder

Real-time insight for the entire organisation

Keeping track of your company’s performance and reporting financial figures quickly and clearly – across divisions, business units and entities – is what BrightAnalytics is all about. The originally Belgian company and reporting platform automates the complex process of consolidated reporting. And all that via a very user-friendly interface, which is also up and running in no time.

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Source: Financial Management, 25/09/2019