BrightAnalytics nominated for Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 for the second year in a row

Once again, BrightAnalytics can announce the fantastic news that the company has been nominated for Deloitte’s 2021 Technology Fast 50 competition!

The finalists and nominees will be awarded their ranking on the 25th of November 2021 based on the percentage revenue growth over the last 4 years. “This nomination is already a wonderful recognition for BrightAnalytics which at the same time underlines our ambitions and future plans more than ever.” tell the founders Lode Bogaert, Merijn Demuynck and Olivier Seynhaeve. The Future is Bright!


Last year, Deloitte already rewarded BrightAnalytics with a nice 36th place in their list of fastest risers in the field of technology in the Technology Fast 50 competition. Then the honor of victory finally fell to proUnity.

“We are delighted with this nomination and happy to once again be among the 50 most promising technology companies in Belgium. We are convinced that BrightAnalytics holds the key to the technology of the future. Reporting is no longer dull and confusing, as the BrightAnalytics platform automates a large part of the work. What’s more, it will provide you with useful insights to help your business grow. This nomination confirms that others believe in the rapid growth of our product. said the three founders.

“In addition to the earlier start-up in the Netherlands, a Swedish entity in Stockholm was also launched in February to reach Scandinavia from there. And this is not where the ambitions stop.”
Lode Bogaert, Merijn Demuynck & Olivier Seynhaeve, Founders

Nice recognition

BrightAnalytics was able to blow out 7 candles this year, so there is even more reason to celebrate! For us, this is a wonderful recognition and is a great reflection of all the hard work of our teams, as well as the growth that highlights our ambitions and future plans. In addition to the earlier start-up in the Netherlands, a Swedish entity was set up in Stockholm in February to reach Scandinavia from there. And the ambitions don’t stop there, there are still many future plans waiting for BrightAnalytics.

Your future is only as bright as your mind is open

BrightAnalytics is a Roeselare-based scale-up that developed an online platform for consolidated reporting of financial and operational figures. The software bundles data and connects with more than 100 different software packages and converts it into clear, intuitive management reports with clear financial insights. This gives you clear data for targeted decisions in sales, cash, marketing and so much more.

The three founders, Olivier Seynhaeve, Merijn Demuynck and Lode Bogaert got into consulting together and in 2014 BrightAnalytics was born out of a consulting assignment. To this day, BrightAnalytics is not only active in Belgium, but the West-Flemish fintech has also crossed the border to the Netherlands and recently Scandinavia. A logical step in the growth of the company.