BrightAnalytics at Exact Live Rotterdam Ahoy 2024


Exact Live 2024

BrightAnalytics will be present on June 19th at booth 63 at the Ahoy in Rotterdam for Exact Live 2024. This event is the ideal opportunity to connect with us. What can you expect?

Exact Live is the event where SMEs, accountants, and business software strengthen each other. Whether you are an entrepreneur, accountant, finance professional, or educator, there is something for everyone at Exact Live.

Join us on Wednesday 19 June in Rotterdam Ahoy and gain fresh insights through over 30 inspiring sessions. Meet Exact partners and discover the latest innovations in the market like BrightAnalytics. We will be giving a session where you learn about improving your management reporting with our software.

Through the following link you can get your free tickets:



  • What is BrightAnalytics?

    BrightAnalytics is the most intuitive, reliable and fast management reporting platform that covers all needs on management reporting and consolidation.

  • Who is BrightAnalytics?

    BrightAnalytics is a dynamic, forward looking scale-up. It is our goal to help as many companies as possible to accelerate their growth by providing transparent insights into their company’s corporate performance. To this end, we automate the complex reporting processes of your financial, operational, and cash figures. So that you can keep track of the latest changes, and grow in a faster, but controlled, way.

  • How does BrightAnalytics work?
    1. Connect: BrightAnalytics connects with accounting, ERP and CRM systems, and centralises all data in the BrightAnalytics platform.
    2. Report: The standard templates in BrightAnalytics are immediately ready for use, but can be fully tailored to suit one’s needs.
    3. Analyse: The management reports and dashboards offer a wealth of information and immediately provide clear insight into the figures of the entire organisation.
    4. Engage: The clear reports contribute to a better streamlined business strategy and execution, and ensure transparency within the company.

  • How do I connect BrightAnalytics to my package?

    This is only possible after contacting one of our customer success colleagues. They create the bridge between customer and business analysts, ensuring that the connection between your packages runs smoothly.