BrightAnalytics goes for financial reporting without capsizing

If a company wants to convert the figures from its ERP environment into usable information, it automatically ends up with business intelligence. However, these are often complex solutions from which the company only uses a fraction of the possibilities. BrightAnalytics approaches this issue in a different way. The start-up from Hooglede deliberately keeps the threshold low, with a simple tool for daily use.

Olivier Seynhaeve, Merijn Demuynck and Lode Bogaert met each other at the employment agency Accent. In the autumn of 2012 they founded the company B-Bright. The three partners have a background in ICT and finance. “It was therefore obvious that we started working in that direction,” Olivier Seynhaeve explains.

BrightAnalytics does not position itself as a pure business intelligence tool

“With B-Bright, we built mostly custom solutions, especially concerning financial reporting.” This is how the young entrepreneurs naturally arrived at their next challenge. “Among other things, we were developing reporting solutions based on Excel. However, we soon started looking for something that would offer better results, without having to reach for one of the big, established packages. We wanted a solution that would be user-friendly, and at the same time provide the right functionality.”

B-Bright ultimately developed this solution for financial and operational reporting itself. The application was given the name BrightAnalytics and is now a separate company. BrightAnalytics does not position itself as a pure business intelligence tool.

“Whereas BI-tools usually focus on power users, we offer a solution for every employee in the company, based on rights and roles. Our solution provides financial and operational insight for every employee, thanks to a direct connection to the figures from accounting or ERP.” In this way, BrightAnalytics avoids the need for a company’s employees to send large Excel files to each other.

SaaS model

“Our tool can be easily customized,” Olivier Seynhaeve continues. “We can make the software available to all relevant employees of a company in a simple way.” BrightAnalytics thus establishes itself as a tool for daily use. The pricing is also different from the major bi-packages. BrightAnalytics does not work with user licences, but with a one-off initial cost, supplemented by a subscription formula.

“We offer a SaaS model. We deliberately keep the threshold low. We also want to give small businesses the opportunity to use our tool.” The rate for BrightAnalytics depends on the size of the company, the modules used, and the data volumes. Companies like Groep Sleuyter (construction), Vivaldis (temporary employment), and Logi-Technic (technical outsourcing) have meanwhile started to use the tool. In addition, BrightAnalytics is talking to ERP suppliers about integrating the tool with their ERP packages.


  • Registered office: Bruggesteenweg 300 box 11, 8830 Hooglede
  • Founding date: 4 July 2014
  • Personnel: 8
  • Capital: 35,000 euros


Source: Datanews, December 05, 2015, Dries Van Damme