Trends Gazellen 2015 promising start-up nomination

We are proud to announce that B-Bright, the parent company of BrightAnalytics, has been selected for the Trends Gazellen 2015 in West Flanders. The high-growth companies or Gazellen are an integral part of our economy. The companies included in this ranking are all strong and competitive in their field and region.

The companies are chosen from four different categories:
– Starter: at least 3 years old, positive cash flow, > 1 employee employed
– Small enterprises: gross margin < 1 mio euro
– Medium-sized enterprises: turnover between 1 and 10 million euro
– Large enterprises: turnover > 10 mio euro

B-Bright has been selected in the category Trends Gazelle Starter.

The presentation will take place on 11 February.

With enterprising regards
Olivier, Merijn, Lode